Symposium of Wild Hearts is a 7 day FREE digital summit that gives you direct access to curious conversations with 20 of the top healers, experts, luminaries, gentlemen, and wild woman discussing 'the pursuit of the whole.' Each of these conversations will be special delivered and packaged in a visual mixtape like experience that will give you powerful insights focused on relationships, sexuality, health, intuition, our untold origins, wellness, business, and spirituality. For those who want to keep all 20 conversations (or just certain of your favorites) + special gifts, and accompanying guide click here to learn more.

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You Are Needed... and Now Is Your Time with Channel Lee Harris


We are living in a time where our deepest desires will have the greatest impact. Learn how to bust through fears to meet your wildest dreams. 

Answering Your Spiritpreneur

Calling with Abiola Abrams

Your passion is calling. Learn how to listen and trust it. Your spiritual gifts can support you as you support others.

Reclaim Your Pleasure! Reclaim Your Body! with Alexandra Roxo 

A wild conversation about the joys and pitfalls in the grand seduction of self. You will need a special prop for this session. Click Alexandra's photo to find out more.

You Are The Oracle with Christion Robertson

In this session you will begin to see yourself as a sacred divination tool. You will also have a chance to do a pick a card reading that applies to the area in your life you desire the most. 

The Myth of the Extrovert Ideal with Ruby Warrington of The Numinous

Part myth buster, part sober curious conversation! 100%  heart with Ruby Warrington of Moon Club and the Numinous. 

Darkness As A Path To Liberation! With Sarah Durham Wilson

Her words are like a prayer. You will be transfixed by the woman who introduced me to my own dark goddess within. 

Wild One, Claim Your Heart! Mini Concert and Conversation with Desirée Dawson

Music speaks to us in a way words never can. Join this extra special session for a dose of magic. 

Herbalism For The People with Lauren haynes of Wooden Spoon Herbs

Learn to make a simple herbal remedy and learn what every wild heart needs in their herbal medicine cabinet. 

Healing is Your Birthright! with modern day Witch Doctor Victoria Albina

As an Holistic & Integrative health Nurse Practitioner Victoria beautifully links the message of the body with the health of the Spirit. She is an expert at the body's messages and can help us navigate stress and illness through a lens of compassion, understanding, and physiology.

Uncovering Mysteries of The Heart with Emmanual Bartholomew

Learn a powerful healing modality to remove heart walls and live with a new sense of ease and vitality. 

Illuminated Love with Lyna Rose

What is sacred relationship? How do we heal and learn to appreciate our longings as divine? Journey through the chambers of the heart with Lyna Rose.

The Confidence Cocktail with Kate Taylor

Grab your beverage of choice and settle in for a confidence boosting conversation with the queen of colorful certainty. 

The Mind-blowing Evidence in Favor of Psychedelic States with Angela Ruiz

Angela works with Third Wave a resource for safe, structured, and responsible psychedelic use. Join us for a deep dive into the healing power of entheogenic plants. 

The Power of Authenticity with Morgan Wade

Morgan defines authenticity. The work she is breaking ground on is all about the powerful space of your wants and desires and how to fluidly not forcibly meet them. The way she serves is understated yet so powerful because it gives YOU space to discover whats really living inside of you.  

In Between Worlds with Lydia Rose

A juicy conversation about the power of the womb, self pleasure, sex, and the magic that lives in between worlds. We will learn yoni breathing as a tool for self care. 

You Are Full of Gold a free writing mini-workshop with Bethany Toews

Loosen your grip and allow the words that live inside of you to be your guide into the treasure of your heart and soul . 

The Masculine Matrix with Jator Pierre

The type of healing conversation that women long to have with men. Click Jator's smile to learn more about him and the schedule.

When intuition and Breathwork Make-out! with Betsy Lafae

Fuse the avaliability and power of your own breath with your intuition and see what kind of magic you are capable of. This conversation reeks of magic and play! 

The Healing Power of Movement + Music

! with Nanna

Learn how movement can heal trauma. Get ready to move and release with this Danish beauty who also happens to be a powerful healer. Get ready to be moved!  


Earth Based Beauty & Healing Rituals From Around the Globe with Lucretia VanDyke

Come ready to dive right into an wealth of information about the healing power of plants. Learn what a spiritual bath is as well as some indigenous beauty rituals that will enliven your spirit, and body. Lucretia is a powerful healer with a uplifting story to share and link to other rituals like yoni steams, kitchen herbs, and so much more goodness. 


How does participation work?
During Symposium of Wild Hearts online summit, I had the pleasure of conducting 21 highly heart centric 45+ minute conversations with our brilliant panel of experts and luminaries. These will be broadcast free of charge throughout the Summit until July 4th. Sign up today! 

What if you miss a presentation you really want to hear?
No problem. There are recordings, and many other resources available to you as part of an optional upgrade package. Click here to learn all about it.

How do I find out more information on the schedule or speaker?
The full schedule will be live HERE on June 21st. 

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