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meet your host

My name is Ayesha Ophelia. I am the creator of The Girlfriend Manifesto and many other spirit-centric creations. I love being in new places, the feeling of your heart beating out of your chest when you do something for the first time, exotic fruits, making music mixes for every occasion, curated collections, entheogens, ruffling feathers, bodies of water, lucid dreaming, and connection.


The symposium was created to foster creative deep questioning and authentic helpful answering that when witnessed in a receptive state will allow your seed of desire to be planted or profoundly watered. I will be having the kinds of curious conversations that open my heart and fuel my soul with leading experts focused on the convergence of consciousness in business, healing, sexuality, wellness, relationships, and our metaphysical origins. What will be understood is we all possess an intrinsic wholeness. What will be discovered is how to activate that wholeness in every area of your life and really start to live the creative, juicy, wild lives we know we are worthy and capable of creating!