Keep *all of the heart centric insights from the Symposium of Wild Hearts. Curious conversations with leading experts focused on the convergence of consciousness in business, healing, sexuality, wellness, and relationships, or *pick your favorite sessions for around the price of a movie ticket.


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The Symposium was built on the knowing that we all possess an inherent wholeness. Each expert was chosen to reflect a small piece of that wholeness. The ideal way to experience Symposium of Wild Hearts is in its entirety. Each heart centric conversation is based on a different key aspect of what fills us up so we can create the dynamic wild lives we dream of. Then spill over onto the ones we love and the world. 

PRICE $177.77 for all 21 presentations + bonuses.

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Perhaps you are the maestro of mixtapes. You have always drawn outside of the lines. You aren't content with just ordering what's on the menu. You do have other choices here. You can curate your experience by only ordering the conversations that resonate the most. Each session is about the price of a large coffee and will deliver a heart buzz with none of the side effects.

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