Answering Your Spiritpreneur Calling ❤ with Abiola Abrams




Abiola is a bright light who has worked through her own anxiety to be a tv host, author, contributor at Essence magazine, speaker, and motivational coach. She has a guide for those who are answering the souls call whether its just through a passion filled life or a career doing what you love. 

During this joyful session, you'll discover:

  • What it means to be a spiritual entreprenuer
  • How to answer the call of your soul
  • EFT (emotional freedom technique) or tap your way through your abundance blocks
  • Why community and sisterhood is essential to rise into your authentic power


Pick Your Adventure


Hi, I'm Abiola! I know you, my goddess sister, because I am you.

You feel triggered by being called an “expert” but that’s exactly what you are to someone who needs your magic. You want to build a tribe and business around your mission, to answer your soul’s calling. We don’t hide from the woo woo. We are the woo woo. But you secretly believe that it’s not spiritual or positive to want to make money.

I have been exactly where you are.

With my Spiritpreneur Guru Academy and, I empower you to create their own spiritual empires with a foundation of Sacred Visibility. I have given advice on networks from MTV to the BBC, led transformational workshops from NYC to London, given advice in publications from the DailyOm to Essence Magazine and held spiritual retreats from Bali to Belize. But it wasn’t always that way.

I was terrified to put myself out there. I was scared to own my voice. I was hiding. I was a recovering people pleaser with extreme social anxiety and disordered eating. I felt bad charging people for my services. I felt like a loser. But I knew I had a calling.

I knew deep down inside that I was born to uplift and inspire. That required releasing my addiction — My addiction to being a wounded healer and a reluctant leader…

Everything changed when I gave myself permission to be seen. When I gave myself permission to be authentically me.

Feminine power is just showing up and being seen as yourself. Unapolgetically.

I am here for you.