Reclaim Your Pleasure! Reclaim Your Body! ❤ with Alexandra Roxo


Something powerful happens when you see your sexuality as an innate part of your existence as a woman. You begin to embody the powerful energy that creates life. This conversation is all about how to reclaim your pleasure, your body, and your life as your own!

During this SENSUAL session, you'll uncover:

  • How to reclaim your own personal pleasure
  • A mini live pleasure/release session with Alexandra
  • Why pleasure is our birthright as women


Pick Your Adventure


Alexandra Roxo is a Transformational Coach and Women's Empowerment Leader.  Her writing on women’s empowerment, astrology, moon ritual, and spirituality can be read on Girl Teen Vogue, Mind Body Green, and more. She has been featured in the New York Times as a coach and healer, on Viceland TV, in the Guardian, Nylon Magazine and more.  She has been named a modern spiritual leader by Well + Good. Her online community MOON CLUB, consists of hundreds of women worldwide who attend her monthly online rituals. She has a growing social media following online where she recommends moon rituals and rites empowering messages daily.