The Mind-blowing Evidence in Favor of Psychedelic States ❤ with Angela Ruiz


We are in unique times where more and more Scientific evidence is backing up eons of psychedelic or entheogen use as a tool for deep healing work. Join me and Angela (fellow psychonauts) as we discuss our love and appreciation for plants and substances that provide altered states that can initiate deep healing on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.

During this mind-expanding session, you'll uncover:

  • The rich history of indigenous healing and medicine use
  • Scientific studies in favor of micro-dosing
  • A personal account of a life changing Ayuascha journey
  • The mystical side of plants & much more. 


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Angela grew up around plant medicines,  with her grandmothers being the medicine women - aka Curanderas - of her family's hometown in Mexico. Her experiences as she grew up were filled with natural remedies, spiritual devotions, and an ingrained respect for her elders. She's worked as an Executive Assistant and Business Developer for startups for the last 9 years. Her goal is to help make treatments accessible to as many people as possible.  She believes people should be able to take control of their mental health in a way that will allow them to get to the root of their neurological/emotional issues and make permanent changes for the betterment of their future, and knows from experience the value that plant medicines can provide to the mind, body, and soul. 

Notes From Angela


1. MAPS (multidisciplinary association of psychedelic studies) 

2. Becky Foundation (psychedelic research, changing minds) 

3. Heffter Institute (research institute) 

5. ICEERS (international center for ethnobotanical education, research, and service) 



1. Amanda Fielding (founder of Beckley Foundation) 

3. Dennis McKenna (make sure to follow his work and listen to podcasts he is invited onto!)

3. Bia Labate  (anthropologist)

4. David E. Nichols (make sure to follow his work and listen to podcasts he is invited onto!) 

5. Ericka Dyke (psychedelic researcher at the University of Saskatechewan)  

5. Rick Doblin (make sure to follow his work and listen to podcasts he is invited onto!)



1. The Third Wave (Microdosign the right way) 

2. Kahpi (The Ayahuasca Hub)

3. Chacruna (learn about natural psychedelics) 

4. Erowid (documenting the complex relationship between humans and psychoactives)