When Intuition and Breathwork Make-out! ❤ with Betsy Lafae




The union of breathwork and intuition is a powerful one indeed! The same way Betsy melds practical action with magic is also deeply compelling. Get to know the force behind stop, drop, and roll a instant tool to check in with yourself and know what YOU KNOW.

During this EXTRASENSORY conversation, you'll discover:

  • How to stop, drop, and roll into your truth
  • Why taking on others energy is so common
  • How a tool like the breath can transform your life
  • Betsy offers a free intuition tool / meditation as a special offering for Symposium of Wild Hearts attendees.


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Betsy LeFae (of the Faeries) An intuition coach and healer with a bachelor’s degree in psychology - she has two decades of experience in social work and intuitive consulting. Although she remains on Time Out NY's list of Top 10 Psychics in NY, Betsy has given up giving readings and has dedicated her life to empowering others to trust their intuition. An expert educator in intuitive development, she teaches that our body is the tool through which we can learn to hear the messages constantly streaming from our intuition. Betsy’s message is that anyone can learn to listen to inner guidance and that doing so is essential in increasing abundance and self-love on the path to becoming your true self. 

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