The Healing Power of Movement + Music ❤ with Nanna


Nanna's life changed when she found Yolates which is a combination of "YOGA , PILATES & DANCE MELTING TOGETHER IN A HOLISTIC TRAINING FORM. Get an energy boost, feel rejuvenated, and fill your heart with happiness." Wear active clothing as Nanna will not only be sharing pieces of her story but also a gentle warm up practice to free emotion.

During this moving session, you'll discover:

  • Some simple moves to get your energy flowing
  • Some new music for your dance archives
  • Why movement matters


Pick Your Adventure


I was a troubled soul that couldn’t find direction. I felt others expectations of me much stronger than I felt myself. I so wanted to “fit in”. So much that I forgot who I was. I became a chameleon trying to fit in and please whatever situation I was in. I couldn’t feel my own truth. I started several educations that I wasn’t happy about. I was searching for others approval, searching to do the “right thing”.

But I looked for the “right thing” outside of myself and didn’t respect my needs and boundaries. This had to stop. And it did. I got a major depression and fell to pieces on the ground. There I layed for two years. I couldn’t get up until the day I finally realized that I wasn’t going back to studies again and I started teaching living Yolates. Living Yolates is a holistic training form combining yoga, pilates, dance, meditation and breathwork. 

This was a game changer for me.

And so here I am. Having my own little company in Copenhagen doing what I love teaching loving, accepting, embracing, honest, humorous body work. 

I am still learning about self care and love and I think one of my greatest lessons in life is to stop comparing myself with others and start accepting and loving myself as I am. With all that I am.